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Victoria De Robillard

Yoga Teacher, Pilates Teacher

Victoria is a Naturopathy student passionate about health and fitness.

Being involved in sports her whole life, her story began when her mum was paralysed and was told she would never walk again nor have children after a terrible accident. Victoria’s mum has been teaching pilates for over 20 years and following in her footsteps, Victoria acknowledged that pilates and yoga not only allowed injured people to fully recover but are the foundation to a successful life.

"While yoga focuses on your mental & spiritual wellbeing, pilates will build on strengthening and toning your powerhouse.” 

With her knowledge of pilates she pursued her yoga teacher training in 2019. Since, Victoria has been teaching vinyasa throughout the world including Mauritius, Germany and now Perth. Victoria is currently studying a BSHc of Health Science- Naturopathy to pursue her passion to inspire and empower people to live a healthy life. Her love for teaching inspires her students to push themselves further than thought possible. Outside of the studio, Victoria loves to move her body and enjoys creating new recipes. As a goalsetter, she hopes to one day open her own clinic/studio.