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Group Yoga

At Bodyscape, we welcome all levels of students no matter their experience.

Fostering a culture of curiosity, we encourage everyone to try the differing styles of classes on offer, to truly maximise the benefits of their practice.

Power Yoga

A workout inspired vinyasa class with extra repetitions to build heat

This class will include everything you would expect to see in a vinyasa class – but more! Warm ups, core, pranayama, standing poses, arm balances, inversions, twists, core, backbends, seated poses, and something to challenge everyone. See the addition of repetitions like lunges, double chaturangas, one-legged squats, leg lifts, spider-man planks and crazy side plank killers to get your heart rate up. It should challenge everyone at any level. Remember, you can take breaks in child’s pose and just breathe whenever you need to, re-joining when you’re ready, but always keep trying.

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Abs & Glutes

A masterclass created from Chris Wilson Fitness Studio by popular demand.

It’s not a yoga class, but a strength workout. Improve your big leg movements by focusing on these glute specific exercises.

The class will take you through some challenging core work that will give you new energy and drive for the remainder of your week!

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Vinyasa Yoga

A dynamic and uplifting practice that links breath to movement

The character of each class is unique to individual teachers, however variations will always be offered so you can still practice at your own level. Faster than our slow flow class, there may be a lot to learn in the first few classes you take. The more you practice, the more fun it is! Classes are held at a moderate pace with poses linked together for a continuous flow.

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All about finding balance and getting the best of both energies

A practice that blends strengthening and softening elements you’ll be warming up your body the first 30mins, and then holding grounded yin postures in the last 30mins of class. You will leave feeling like you’ve blissfully worked every single part of your body. Join us for the ultimate stretch and flow experience.

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Extreme Stretch

A fusion of dynamic stretching and PNF stretching to get you super flexible

Various stretching techniques are involved including active isolation and partner-assist exercises. Extreme Stretch will get you deeper into flexibility as it opens up your joints and restrictions, bringing pure deliciousness into your body. We draw from the influences and techniques of classical ballet to stretch you to the max. Come prepared to work and get bendy!

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Yin Yoga

A deep, thorough, myofascial stretch for your entire body

A slow-paced class where poses (mostly seated) are held between 3-8 minutes. You are guided through an intelligent sequence of simple poses, the after effect similar to that of acupuncture, as the joints decompress and open. Not only does Yin Yoga benefit your physical body, but also encourages the mind to be completely relaxed. Patience is the key to this practice.

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Pregnancy Yoga

Our Pregnancy Yoga and Mindfulness classes provide you with the support and nurturing you need during this unique and beautiful stage of your life.

You will be guided through flowing asana sequences, pranayama, mindfulness meditation and relaxation, to connect to the innate wisdom of your body. This class gives you time, during what can be quite an overwhelming experience, to unite with yourself and your baby. A means to honour this sacred journey into motherhood. 

In this class you can expect:

  • Yoga poses and movements to ease pregnancy symptoms and aid Optimal Fetal Positioning
  • Strengthening and balancing to prepare for an active birth whilst developing confidence and resilience 
  • Techniques to find calm through the challenges faced during pregnancy and birth
  • Resources and information to empower you to make choices for yourself and your baby
  • Relaxation techniques that can be practiced at home

These classes are suitable for beginners and are open to all stages of pregnancy. Modifications and variations are always offered. We currently offer private Pregnancy Yoga classes.

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Slow Flow

Slow Flow is a time for you to slow down the mind and body, checking back in with yourself, in your own time, on the mat.

This practice hydrates the body and relaxes the mind, whilst subtly building strength and steadiness as you slow down over the hour. There is a little flow to find simple alignment in familiar postures, allowing you to move with grace and ease. Whilst this class is amazing for the mind, it also has a surprising way of deepening your practice and building inner strength.

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Sound Healing

Connect to a state of ease and harmony in your body

Allow your body to unwind from your work week as you will be brought into a state of bliss and divine relaxation through handpans, crystal sound bowls, drums, gong and the harmonium. This magical and profound dose of sound will create deeper connection to Self, clarity and peace of mind.

Sound healing synchronizes brain waves to achieve profound states of relaxation, helping to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells in our bodies. When vibrations travel through the body, they promote circulation, energy flow, and rejuvenation. The frequency of the sound synchronises with the brainwaves and activates destress responses in the body.

Release energetic blockages throughout the class, leaving you to melt into a state of sonorous bliss, deep relaxation and healing. This is not a yoga class per se, treat it as a full hour of restorative meditation for your whole system. Lying down is highly encouraged.

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