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Charis Pash

Yoga Teacher

Charis started practicing Yoga 10 years ago.

Originally, she started practicing yoga as a form of exercise, which quickly changed when she became obsessed with the calming effect the practice had over her thoughts & emotions. Yoga became Charis’ way of shutting out the external noise & exploring the vastness within.

After completing Yoga Teacher Training 200hr in 2022, Charis’ mantra for class is to allow each student to feel clarity of the mind, grounding into the body & the safety to be their authentic self.

Charis challenges students to step outside the comfort zone with strong, fluid Vinyasa style that incorporates sun salutations, energising backbends & long holds.

Her Yin Yoga classes are based around anatomy, mind-body awareness & mediation to drop into & hold space.

Outside of the mat Charis enjoys cold water therapy, you can catch her down at the beach in winter for a swim in the cold water, camping & hiking.